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Blocks to prevent erosion | Shyamnagar, Bangladesh

Academic Publications

Journal Articles

Falzon, Danielle. 2021. “The Ideal Delegation: How Institutional Privilege Silences ‘Developing’ Nations in the UN Climate Negotiations.Social Problems, August, spab040.

Falzon, Danielle. 2021. “Expertise and Exclusivity in Adaptation Decision-Making.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 51 (August): 95–100.

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Book Chapters

Hossain, Fahad, Danielle Falzon, Feisal Rahman, and Saleemul Huq. Forthcoming. “Towards Climate Justice: Making the Polluters Pay for Loss and Damage.” In Climate Justice and Feasibility. Eds. Sarah Kenehan and Corey Katz.

Falzon, Danielle and Pinar Batur. 2018. “Lost and Damaged: Environmental Racism, Climate Justice, and Conflict in the Pacific.” Pp. 401–12 in Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations, Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research. Springer, Cham.

Under Review

Danielle Falzon, Ike Uri, David Ciplet, Stacy-ann Robinson, Romain Weikmans, Mizan Khan, J. Timmons Roberts. “The unequal geographies of climate finance: climate injustice and dependency in the world system” Political Geography special issue on Climate Justice.

Roberts, J. Timmons, Romain Weikmans, Stacy-ann Robinson, Danielle Falzon, and Caroline Jones. “Should vulnerability indicators decide the allocation of adaptation finance? Perspectives from Kyoto to Paris.” Climate and Development.

In Preparation

Falzon, Danielle. “Legitimately Paralyzed: How Fairness and Flexibility in the UN Climate Negotiations Have Doomed Them from the Start”

Falzon, Danielle. “The Business of Adaptation in Bangladesh”

Gupta, Tanaya Dutta and Danielle Falzon. “Towards a Common Ground: NGO approaches to (im)mobility and climate adaptation in the Bengal Delta”

Falzon, Danielle and Laura Bahlman. “Confronted by crisis: sustainability, adaptive livelihoods, and Covid-19.”


Falzon, Danielle. 2018. “Film Review: Divest! The Climate Movement on Tour.” Teaching Sociology 46(4):380–82.

Public Sociology

Policy publications

Williams, Casey, Danielle Falzon, and Saleemul Huq. 2018. Mobilizing Knowledge to Enhance Adaptive Capacity. Policy Brief. International Centre for Climate Change and Development.

AdaptationWatch. 2017. Toward Implementation: The 2017 AdaptationWatch Report. Eds. Kevin M. Adams and Danielle Falzon. White Paper. Available online at:

AdaptationWatch. 2016. Towards Transparency: The 2016 Adaptation Finance Gap Report. Available online at: [Editing and authorship on multiple chapters.]

Newspaper Articles and Blogs

Falzon, Danielle. 2021. “In Locally-Led Adaptation, ‘locality’ and ‘leadership’ remain unclear.” Dhaka Tribune, February 28, 2021, sec. Climate Change.

Falzon, Danielle. 2020. “After nearly three decades of climate talks the future remains uncertain.” Dhaka Tribune.

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